NYC Prep: Awkward With A Side Of Uncomfortable

When NYC Prep first premiered on BRAVO I was unimpressed. In fact, I had vowed never to waste another hour of my life watching the show, until one of Bravo's producers Andy Cohen, announced via Twitter (@BravoAndy) that NYC Prep gets better with each episode, so don't give up on it. What Andy says, goes. I obeyed and this week I was rewarded.

This week's installment was pure bliss. A myriad of awkward moments, transporting the viewer right back to high school. Let's begin with the opening scene in which Sebastian and Gabe teach us two great lessons about life. One: long hair is in. Two: there is a distinct difference between public school girls and private school girls. Public school girls where juicy sweatsuits, are highly emotional, and put pictures on Facebook of themselves posing in office chairs with their boyfriend, while private school girls are Jewish, have a lot of money and don't care about having a man. The world according to Gabe. Fascinating.

Can we also take a moment to acknowledge that Taylor Momsen (who plays Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl) was at the same concert at Sebastian and Gabe?

At said concert Sebastian embarrasses himself trying to hit on an uninterested Taylor (of this cast, not GG), who unbeknownst to him, is back together with her ex boyfriend Cole. At the end of the night Sebastian tries to kiss Taylor and she turns and gives him the cheek! OUCH. To make it all the more painful, BRAVO shows an ESPN-like instant replay!

Also having boy problems is Camille. She wants a boyfriend, but no one seems to meet her criteria. While dining at Alice's Tea Cup (one of my favorite NYC spots) with her friend Maite, she expresses her frustration. I wish I could tell you what they resolved, but I was so distracted by Maite's annoying, ditsy, New York accent/voice that I was paralyzed.

Camille does decide to go on a date with Dan, another long haired imbecile. Dan rocks the man scarf, which let's face it, unless you are Chuck Bass or Harry Potter, is totally unacceptable in real life. Dan continues to ask "How is your night going? Are you having a good time?" so many times that Camille begins to out right make fun of him. Dan's long hair was impairing his ability to pick up on her ridicule.

Later in the episode Camille hosts a dinner party at a posh restaurant called Firebird. It turns into the PC show when he starts referring to everyone as "children", calls out Sebastian and Taylor's hook up in front of Cole, and then asks everyone in the room who is still a virgin. Classy, PC, real classy.

At dinner Taylor impresses PC by saying she wants to grow up to be an elephant trainer (she told Sebastian in episode one she wants to be a philosopher. Fickle teenagers). PC is also impressed by Taylor's vegetarianism. He says, "You are so sweet. If you were a veggie burger, I'd totally eat you." Awww, precious. Wait, WHAT?

At the end of the episode, PC and Jessie meet up for coffee, after PC stood her up for their last date. He claims he was too tired. Then Jessie lurches forward across the table and screams "Really? Because when I'm just tired, I CALL MY FRIENDSSSSSSSS!" Jessie's eyes bugged out of her head and I was actually scared. Whoa there, honey. This girl amazes me. She is mean, on a ridiculous power trip, and completely busted, yet people fear her. I am completely perplexed. I can't decide if I want to punch her, or give her standing ovation.

In previews for next week, PC takes part in a half naked photo shoot with another man (his fantasy realized) and he confides in his therapist that having sex with everyone is getting him nowhere. How deep. Jessie and Camille have new beef thanks to some comments Camille made about Jessie's school. Uh uh, don't you be talkin' about my prep school!

Need more dish? Check out Gawker's in depth, hilarious recap of last night's episode.

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