Dining Out: Zaftigs

For those who have had the pleasure of viewing my online dating profile, you know one of the items listed under "Things I Can't Live Without" is brunch. It is by far my favorite meal of the week and has become the time my girlfriends and I look forward to for debriefing about the weekend's events.

My favorite brunch spot is S&S in Inman Square in Cambridge, but now that I live on the other side of the river (the Charles river, for those who are not familiar) I have been exploring some spots closer to my new zip code.

This past weekend I journeyed with a friend to Zaftigs on Harvard Street in Brookline, in the heart of Coolidge Corner. This neighborhood is home to many of my Boston favorites: Upper Crust Pizza, Party Favors Bakery, Rami's Falafel, Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, JP Licks and Brookline Booksmith.

Zaftigs has a casual feel. A mix of leather booths, and two or four person tables, it feels like a New York City Jewish deli. The walls are adorned with fantastic artwork and the waiters wear T-shirts with sayings like "Got Challah?"

The menu offers the usual Jewish deli fare, with some classic American sandwiches as well. Breakfast is served all day (always a bonus). Although I was tempted by the chocolate french toast served with raspberry sauce, I went with a healthier choice and got an omelet with tomatoes, broccoli and swiss cheese, served with home fries, wheat toast and a slice of watermelon.

My omelet had very fresh veggies and was a generous portion. The home fries were perfectly crispy, and I was given four pieces of toast! The watermelon slice was a nice, unexpected addition to the plate.

My brunch companion ordered the banana stuffed french toast, which came served with mixed berries on top. YUM-O.

The bill was incredibly reasonable and our waitress was speedy to bring our meals, as well as the check when we were finished.

Thanks to the delicious food and the fair price, if you arrive after 10:00am on Saturday or Sunday, you will surely be waiting in line, sometimes for over an hour.

Zaftig, which means "plump" in Yiddish, is exactly how you will look and feel if you dine here on a regular basis. Consider yourself warned.


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