Flashback Alert! The Story of Lily Rhodes

This week on Gossip Girl the usual Upper East Side drama was spliced with flashbacks from Lily's youth. Born as Lily Rhodes and recently uprooted from New York to L.A., Lily is having a difficult time finding her place. She gets expelled from school and decides to ditch her life living with her mother, to find her older, rebellious sister Carol - the family's black sheep (recognizable by her black hair. No coincidence there).

On the quest to find Carol, Lily meets a very handsome young man and explains if she doesn't find her sister she will have to become a prostitute (naturally). She goes on the most fantastic and humorous rant about all the reasons that would be a bad path. Uh, duh!

This bus boy knight in shining armor offers to help her and encourages her to change out of her preppy clothes. When she is finally rocking a more L.A./Madonna look, he looks her and up and down and she coyly responds "Is this the moment where you fall in love with me?" LOVE IT! Great line. Coy, cheeky, cute, sassy, all rolled into one!

Flash forward a few hours- Lily, reunited with Carol gets into a brawl at a party with a tall, blonde music video producer, last name: Van der Woodsen! WHAT? Is this Lily's future husband? Serena and Eric's father? It can't be. How would they cross paths again? We'll never know since according to Perez Hilton's recent post, the GG spin off has been canceled! They set us up, and now we'll never know the truth!

I for one would like to see older sister Carol appear in a present day episode. I can't decide who should play her. Early 50s, dark hair, free spirited, looks like she may have done a lot of drugs in a past life . . . . perhaps Goldie Hawn or Kim Cattrall? In brunette wigs of course!

I was incredibly skeptical of this spin off/flashback idea, but I actually wound up loving it. I'm a little sad to hear the spin off has been canned. Perhaps with some praise from the fans, it can resurrected!

Back in present day, its prom! Blair, who has kept a scrapbook of every piece of her dream night is surprised to hear the school is having a contest for prom queen. In one of the best lines of the night she says, "We don't do prom queen. That's for suburban schools and the lame teen comedies that are set at them." ZING! Love it!

The mean girls have actually instated the competition to humiliate Blair by nominating her, then stuffing the ballot with cards for Nelli Yuki. Chuck to the rescue - he overhears their plan and removes all the Nelli ballots, replacing them with 100 cards for Blair. Blair catches him red handed, but misreads the situation and thinks he is sabotaging her.

While on stage, accepting her crown, Chuck asks Serena to give Blair the key to the pent house at the Palace. Serena says, why are you doing this? Chuck responds "You didn't think you were the only one who knew about the scrapbook, did you?" And my heart is MELTING. Chuck! You love her, what's the problem? In the words of Gossip Girl herself "Who knew the mother Chucker could also play fairy godmother." Brilliant!

In previews for next week a Gossip Girl blast causes uproar through out the school and Serena takes charge announcing "Gossip Girl is going down!" Will she finally be revealed? You know you love her, xoxo.

The previews also show a heart wrenching scene of Chuck and Blair, with Blair holding Chuck's face in her hands pleading "Tell me you love me." My heart can't take it! I need them to be together! Fingers crossed for those three little words come next week.


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