90210: Bonded

This week's 90210 had one story line in particular that was touching. Dixon, on a quest for his birth mother, cons Annie into a road trip to Arizona under the premise of a tour of water parks (apparently something they both love). In the car, Dixon is in charge of tunes while Annie manages the snacks (insert blatant Dr. Pepper product placement here). Once Annie discovers the true reason for their trip, she shows unconditional support for Dixon. When Dixon is too afraid to confront his mother, Annie approaches her for him, makes sure he gets his message delivered, and that his mother knows he is ok. The whole trip demonstrated Annie and Dixon's unbreakable bond, as well as their ability to read each other's thoughts, and their shared sense of humor. Awww. Hearts.

This episode the famous Donna Martin returned! Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates! Yeah, you remember it. Apparently a fashion sensation in Japan where she lives with her hubby (David Silver) and her baby Ruby. Donna has returned to bring some much needed cheer to Kelly and Silver's house.

The Donna story line gives way to a wonderful guest appearance by Diablo Cody! Cody is the Oscar winning writer behind the smash hit Juno and the new TV show United States of Tara. Cody's scenes are light hearted and fun, and injects signs of life back into Silver. Loved the scene where Diablo takes a photo with Silver and Kelly, with their blue face masks on! Side note - did anyone else notice Diablo's phone is in the shape of a hamburger? Was that phone in Juno too?

My only qualm with Donna's return, is that apparently she and David are now separated. This would NEVER happen. After waiting 10 years to see Donna and David get married, the loyal fans are well aware that nothing could break them apart after all they've been through. This is inconsistent and breaks my heart! Shame on you!

According to previews for next week we can expect more Naomi/Liam hook ups as well as Naomi and Annie cat fighting again. Navid proposes to Adriana, and it also looks like Kelly and Mr. Matthews might finally release some of that sexual tension (we've been waiting!). Hopefully that doesn't send Silver into another downward spiral. Stay tuned, the bumpy ride continues next week!

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