The Future According to Grandfather

This week on the Upper East Side its . . . snowing! At least in the opening scene as Dan and Vanessa make their way to Nate's to watch some March Madness. On their walk Vanessa shares with Dan that she and Nate are going to spend the summer traveling in Eastern Europe. Once at Nate's, Nate receives a call from his cousin Tripp inviting him to the family compound for their annual gathering to celebrate the family's arrival in America (how high brow). Nate is not at all interested after feeling completed shut out by his family when his father was arrested.

At the Palace, Chuck is using Serena's phone to try and call Blair. Serena snatches the phone back and says "Blair got rejected from Yale. Let her lick her wounds." In in a retort only suitable for Chuck Bass, he responds, "Perhaps I can lick her wounds for her." Oh yeah, he went there. Slippery little snake.

A few rooms away Lily and her art collector Becks are discussing possible pieces for the living room when Lily gets a call from Rufus. Becks decides this would be a good time to tell Lily she and Rufus went out on a few dates. Lily decides she and Rufus should make a list of all of their ex lovers and share them with each other (most people's worst nightmare). Rufus agrees but with the caveat "this has disaster written all over it." So wise Rufus, so wise.

Vanessa and Dan finally convince Nate to go see his family, and he agrees on the condition that they come with. The threesome rolls up in a limo to a house suitable for the cliff walk in Newport, RI. Huge. Classic. Singing "We're Loaded". Tripp greets Nate and confesses he didn't tell their grandfather Nate was coming. As their grandfather lands in his helicopter, Nate is visibly tense until his grandfather lays eyes on him and says "Nathaniel my boy, I am so thrilled to see you." Breathe Nate, breathe.

Chuck, not satisfied with Serena's suggestion of giving Blair space, heads over to her house. He arrives to find her drinking in the living room wearing a sexy, revealing, black and white dress. Chuck is no fool. Knowing she is over the edge, he comes armed. With Tiffany. As he presents Blair with the gift, who appears from the next room, with his shirt unbuttoned? CARTER! Can this slime ball grab his passport and head overseas again. Good grief! Sadly Blair only has eyes for Carter today.

Back at the Vanderbilt family compound Dan and Vanessa are getting the tour, and full family history from Nate's grandfather. At the end, his grandfather tells Nate he is proud of him and that "I used to worry you got your mother's looks and your father's brains, but you handled yourself admirably." I guess that's supposed to be a compliment?

Back in the city, S and B are shopping at Chanel when Blair decides to steal a pair of sunglasses (probably $1200). Serena tries to talk her out of it and Blair declares "If I can say, Blair Waldorf would never do that, I'll do it." Oh boy, here we go. Serena decides to call Chuck for help.
Back at the fmaily compound cousin Tripp's fiance tells Vanessa how all the Vanderbilt men go into politics and how the grandfather persuades them all eventually. Vanessa responds "The only thing Nate has voted for is American Idol." LOVE IT! And I secretly hope if Nate Archibald did exist, that he really would watch Idol.

Back at the Palace Chuck has called Carter to come over. Carter arrives and says "I'm surprised you raised the white flag so soon." Just as he is about to pat himself on the back, Serena appears and tells him to take his passport and leave. He says he's not quite done here yet. But Serena insists if he doesn't, she will reveal what happened in Santorini. I love these random references to far away places and events. Perhaps its Carter's turn to have killed someone.

Later on Rufus comes over to have dinner with Lily and they swap their ex lists. Rufus has 13 people, to Lily's two pages or roughly 40-50 or so. She decides just to hand him page 1. Good move, Lil.

That night Dan and Vanessa return home to the loft in Brooklyn and Jenny notices Dan is limping from the game of football at the Vanderbilt house. He says "it turned out to be less Gatsby and more Fight Club." HA! Excellent line.

Later that night Chuck and Serena go looking for Blair. They ask Dorota where she is, but she won't utter a peep. Chuck says "Come on! I'm not going to play Where's Waldorf all night!" HA! Get it - Where's Waldo, Where's Waldorf? They do eventually find her crying and begging the Dean of Sarah Lawrence College to accept her application. Turns out B has not quite given up on her old, college-bound self.

A few blocks away Nate and Vanessa are enjoying a private, cozy dinner together when Tripp calls to invite Nate to join him at a family dinner. Vanessa encourages him to go. Nate leaves, but promises her they will have "Summer Perogi Tour 2009" when they head to Europe.

The next night Nate, Dan, Vanessa, Serena, Chuck and Blair all attend Nate's big family party at the compound. Nate wears a jacket with the family crest, and Blair is dressed in a body hugging, stunning, black and white dress. Good thing she looks so good, since her behavior at the party is oh so bad. Blair decides to keep drinking and shares secrets of all the family and friends she knows at the party. This is about to get interesting.

Back in the city Rufus is at Lily's and orders them Chinese. When he goes into her purse to grab cash to pay the delivery man what does he find? The other page of her list! Uh oh. This is a predictable twist, but Rufus sometimes surprises me.

Back at Nate's family party Vanessa is grabbing a drink at the bar when cousin Tripp informs her Nate got offered a summer internship at the mayor's office. Vanessa politely explains that she and Nate are actually traveling in Europe, and he must be mistaken. As soon as Tripp walks away, Vanessa goes to confront Nate.

Across the room, Chuck removes Blair as she insults yet another party guest. He says "Are you about done?" and pulls her around the corner. Blair pushes Chuck up against the wall, and presses her body against his. She is coming onto him full force. She asks if he remembers the first time he saw the real her, no inhibitions, dancing for him at Vitrola. She says "Take me now. Prove that nothing matters" and starts to kiss him. Chuck says "This isn't you. Its not the Blair I want." Hot moment RUINED! Blair rolls her and eyes and says "That's right, and I never will be again." Flare for the dramatic, B?

Blair storms off and perches herself on a couch in the storage room. Nate finds her and gives her his jacket. She starts talking about the first time she came to his family house and the way they used to talk about the future. Nate says "You can't fight against who you are" and Blair looks at him sideways and says "What happened to the Nate Archibald that just wanted to get high and play Halo?" HA! Totally accurate portrayal of the average 17 year old high school male.

In the main room of the party Serena confronts Dan about his sexy romp in the costume closet with Miss Carr. To show her disapproval, she slaps him across the face. A bit random, but I'll take it.

Back at the Palace, Lily and Rufus are eating their Chinese food and Rufus keeps waiting for Lily to mention she has more to her list. She doesn't, so he confronts her then walks out. Here we go again.

Back at the party Vanessa confronts Nate about the summer plans. He says he doesn't know what to do, but his grandfather believes in him. She says "I believe in you too. Just a different you." Awwww, V. You can be our girlfriend any day!

Nate does wind up accepting the internship, and does so by giving a whole speech about family tradition in front of all the party guests.

Meanwhile Chuck confesses to Serena "I'm losing her" (meaning Blair). Serena says "So fight. Make her feel safe. You know what to say." I think we know too! Three little words Chuck!

Dan and Vanessa leave the party and head back to the loft. Jenny greets them and asks Vanessa whats wrong. She says she thinks she just got dumped for Nate's grandfather. Dan quips "Welcome to the world of Upper East side grandparents. I've gone up against them myself. They are tougher than they look." HA! He is of course refering to Serena's wretched, secret spilling grandmother.

Later, Rufus comes back to the Palace to talk to Lily, this time with a new list. A list of things that make her happy, make her sad or that he feels lucky to know about her. He says "This is the only list I need." Awww. Many cute moments tonight!

At the end of the night, Chuck comes to see Blair, but Dorota tells him to go away, she is already asleep. Meanwhile Blair is acutally upstairs with Nate, who felt the need to make sure she made it home ok. As he is about to leave, she grabs his hand and says "stay." Uh oh. Just then Chuck notices something in the entryway. He is staring at it. We can't see it. We're waiting. And its. . . . Nate's jacket! With the family crest! Chuck just turns towards the stairs, as if to see up into Blair's room. END EPISODE. What???????? You can't stop there!

In the previews for next week Jenny is having a sweet sixteen party that apparently the whole school wants to come to. Nate and Blair are seen in a room together with Nate on the bed, and Blair locking the door. Then Vanessa and Chuck arrive to the party and see Nate and Blair together and decide to make out in front of them to stir up some jealousy! God I love this show! Can't wait for the partner swap!


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