Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Style

Last night's Superbowl kicked off with two stellar musical performances. First, Faith Hill sang "America the Beautiful", then Jennifer Hudson took the stage to sing the national anthem. This was Jennifer Hudson's first public appearance since the murders of her mother, sister and nephew. She never looked more beautiful. She appeared to have lost weight, her make up was flawless, her clothing and accessories were gorgeous and chic, and when she sang, she KILLED it. I was jumping up and down with glee to see her have such a fantastic return to the spotlight!

At halftime, "The Boss" a.k.a. Bruce Springsteen performed. A crowd rushed onto the field, and screamed and clapped along to every word. Bruce and the E Street band were equally enthused. Bruce jumped on top of a piano! Then later, my most favorite moment of the night, he dropped to his knees, slid across the stage and straight into one of the TV cameras! Oh, Glory Days.

The half time performance had more pyrotechnics than a 4th of July celebration. The fiery red rockets were the same color as Bruce's wife's hair. She is stunning!

When the players took the field for the second half, little did they know they would be playing one of the most exciting Superbowl games in history. The fourth quarter had everyone on the edge of their seats, screaming, clapping, pacing and biting their nails. In the end, the Steelers were victorious.

Forget you, Santonio Holmes. In my opinion, the 2009 Superbowl MVP was Jennifer Hudson. You go girl!

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