Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fill Your Tank at Diesel Cafe

Last week at the suggestion of a friend, we tried a new place for dinner - Diesel Cafe in Davis Square in Somerville. You have probably walked past Diesel a million times, and never noticed it. Its across the street from Joshua Tree, and next door to the Burren, two of the neighborhood's most popular bars.

Diesel Cafe is like a hybrid of 90210's the Peach Pit, and the O.C.'s student lounge at Harbor High. Since Davis Square is the urban playground for Tufts students, the Cafe has a very youthful vibe. The decor is all car/motor/gas related, with authentic signs and decor. The front of the restaurant has about 10 two person cafe tables, while the back has red leather booths along one wall, a pool table and photo booth in the middle, and more small tables at the back. Despite the high energy chatter and high five-ing at pool table in the middle, most customers were quietly eating and drinking over their laptops.

The menu at Diesel includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, made with only the freshest ingredients. I ordered a panini with mozzarella, tomato, arugula and pesto. When my order was called my bread was deliciously warm, the cheese was perfectly melted, and the tomato and arugula were fresh, crisp and full of flavor.

Diesel serves all of their food and beverages on/in real dishes, which makes it feel like you are eating at home. All of the servers have piercings and tattoos, but serve with an infectiously cheery attitude and smile.

The sandwiches range from $7-$10, which may seem pricey, but the quality of food is superb. I had been out of the restaurant not even 10 minutes when I started to crave my sandwich again.

Next time you're in the neighborhood, consider parking yourself at Diesel.

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