Secret Wedding

Tonight's episode of Secret Life of an American Teenager had me wondering if the previews (showing Amy and Ben getting married) were actual events, or a dream sequence (I was rooting for a dream sequence).

Sadly, the writers chose to focus the first episode of the new season on Amy and Ben's decision to wed. At 15 years old. Amy comes up with the bright idea that they should get fake IDs and make it official.

The best part of the episode is watching the majority of the cast get their photos taken for their fake IDs so that they can attend the wedding. A fellow classmate runs the fake ID business, and takes their photos in a giant poster board, with a cut out for their head. It looks like one of those giant posters you see at carnivals, where you place your head in the cut out, and you magically have a body builder physique, become a mermaid, or a large zoo animal.

The absolute best part of the hour was the introduction of Tom's new girlfriend. Grace's brother usually plays the part of whiny sibling, but tonight he leapt from the shadows and became a scene stealing star! He had me laughing out loud. As did Amy's dad when he told the family he was moving out, and simply moved all his possessions into the garage.

I am hoping in future episodes, Ashley, Amy's younger sister gets more air time. She is stunningly beautiful and has a strong presence. She is supposed to be 13, although she is clearly at least 16 or 17 in real life. I hope her role morphs from tattle tale into something more.

According to the previews, this season has some HIGH drama in store. Thank you ABC Family for this delicious guilty pleasure!


Molly Galler

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