Tonight's Greys Anatomy had the best cameo EVER, Ari Gold's wife! Ari Gold is the selfish, cocky agent on HBO's Entourage, and his wife, played by actress Perrey Reeves is brilliant. In tonight's episode she plays a woman who is constantly breaking bones. Each time George tells her another piece of her diagnosis, she stares up at the ceiling, as if to be speaking to a higher power, and shouts "OH, COME ON!". Brilliant, Perrey, brilliant.

The next patient to enter Seattle Grace is a serial killer who enjoys slashing women across the throat. Five women in three days to be exact. He is on death row, and enters the hospital to be treated for a toothbrush lodged into his spine. His medical team includes Meredith, Christina, Derek and Dr. Hunt. Double date anyone?

Meredith and Christina are still fighting (although I must confess I don't remember why) and Derek seems particularly disturbed by this criminal patient. We later learn Derek's father was shot to death. The culprits wanted his watch. Really Shonda Rhimes? That's the best back story you could come up with? Dig deep, Shonda!

The last patient of the day is Jackson. Repeated bowel surgeries and a weakening liver. His doctor, Dr. Kenley, has a massive heart attack and dies right on top of him! EEK! His new doctor, Dr. Arizona Robbins, is a young, hot, blonde who rides around the hospital on her wheely sneakers. Yup, like an 8 year old.

The absolute best part of the show was watching Callie and Sloan to try support each other as they try to stay away from the interns they are lusting after. After a passionate night with Lexi, Sloan can think of nothing else. And Callie seems to want to give lesbianism another try, and finds herself staring at Sadie.

Izzie, on her birthday, decides to tell Alex that she sees Denny. All day. Every day. And, oh by the way, has sex with him. Alex, shockingly, doesn't seem to care (Eva really messed him up good). I have been over this story from the very first episode that Denny returned. Yes, his original plot line was incredible, and we all fell in love with him. But its more powerful if he had stayed gone. This feels wrong. All wrong.

The final scene of the episode is a Grey's classic. Derek offers to "do what Christina would do" to cheer Meredith up, and blasts music for them to dance around the living room to. So they can "dance it out" as Meredith says. Shake your booty Der & Mer. See you next week!


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