To Be, or Not to Be

This week is the world's most glamorous zip code, the halls of West Bev are a buzz with questions! When did Mr. Matthews come back? And more importantly, where was he? Who is the new theater teacher, and how will she cast the play? Will Adriana keep the baby? Will Dixon continue to date Silver, despite the growing tensions between them? Will Annie and Ethan finally "visit Palm Springs"? Inquiring minds demand answers!

Let's start with Mr. Matthews. After being forced to take a leave of absence, for allegedly having "relations" with a student, Mr. Matthews returns to West Bev with a boulder sized chip on his shoulder. He channels most of his aggression toward Silver, who blogged about the debacle. He flexes his muscle by permanently dismissing her from his class.

Meanwhile, Annie and Adriana are stressing about try outs for the school play. There is a new theater teacher who they desperately hope to impress, and they just so happen to be vying for the same role. Shocking.

Out of nowhere, theater stud Ty makes his way back onto the radar. He flirts shamelessly with Annie in front of Ethan, which propels Ethan to try to out for the play. Dumb jock does not equal thespian brilliance. Sorry, bud.

Naomi is having drama of her own when her father decides to sell the family's home, while she is still living in it. Naomi is forced to stay at the beach house with her father and his mistress, Gail, only to later discover her father is also sleeping with the realtor. God I love Beverly Hills.

Naomi decides to rent herself a hotel suite (how very Dylan McKay of you!) and finds herself liberated and in the mood to help others. She tries to reach out to Adriana, and encourage her to see a doctor. Adriana comes to find out that she cannot have an abortion, she is already into her 2nd trimester. Adriana also reveals the father of the baby. No, not junkie Hank from rehab . . . Ty, the theater stud! Now things are getting interesting!

While Annie and Adriana wait to see who gets the lead in the play, Silver is busy writing the best high school English paper ever to win back Mr. Matthews. Her efforts pay off, and he finds his spirit renewed by Silver's devotion to his class. Good to have you back, Ryan. Brooding Teacher isn't a label that suits you.

Silver is so pleased with herself and can't wait to share the news with Dixon. Unfortunately, Dixon is tired of playing a supporting role in the show that is Silver's life, and he decides to dump her. He says "We're breaking up", then gets up and walks away. Well, I guess that's that. Sorry, Silver. I can think of someone waiting in the wings . . . head cheerleader anyone?

The cast list goes up for the play and Adriana wins the lead. Annie is crushed and not even Ethan winning a part in the play can lift her spirits. She decides to skip the cast dinner that night, and have Ethan go ahead without her. Now, my gut was telling me - Ethan is going to meet a new girl in the cast and cheat on Annie. Oh boy was I wrong.

Annie calls Ethan on his way to the cast party to say she has changed her mind, and wants to join after all. Just when it seems like there will be peace in the cast after all, cut to Ethan's car getting hit by what appears to be another car, traveling at a high speed. My heart is pounding, and . . . CLOSING CREDITS! Hot damn, 90210, you are good!

Next week's previews highly suggest that Ethan is in fact in a car accident. It also looks like Ty will learn he's about to be a Daddy. Fasten your seat belts kids, its going to be a bumpy ride!


Dixon won't date the cheerleader because if you remember she's hot for that female choir singer. Gasp! Definitely didn't see that one coming! And on a side note, Mr. Matthews is supposed to be 23? As if! Maybe 27, but that's pushing it. Loved your roundup!

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